Eastside Harmony
2016-17 Management Team

2017-2018 Management Team (absent, Selena Novak)

Our Director - Cindy Klinger

Cindy Klinger

Cindy has been with Eastside singing as a Tenor for 16 of her 20 years and sang Baritone for 2 years in between tenoring! And now directing for her third year. She has been on the management team as Program Director and part of the Music Team for several years. She stepped in as Acting Director in the fall of 2014 and became Director in the late winter/spring of 2015. She is thrilled to be Directing such a dedicated, hard working yet FUN chorus! Yeah Eastside!

Assistant Director and Program Coordinator

Andrea Shaw

Thank you Andrea for stepping up and into the Assistant Director and Program Coordinator position.. this 2016-2017 term. Andrea's expertise and experience is welcome as a Founding member of Eastside Harmony (25 years now) and a Sweet Adeline for 34 years or more!!


Our Team Leader


Susan Boissonneault

Thank you Susan for becoming our Team Leader this 2017-2018 session. Susan joined the Management Team in December 2011. She has filled many positions from Secretary, Communications and Treasurer position for 2015/2016 session. Susan joined Eastside in the spring of 2010 and has been a smiling, energetic addition to the Lead section. Thank you, for all your help in the many positions you have held!!


Our Past Team Leader

Heather Montague

Heather sings Tenor and has been a member of Eastside for 27 years.  She stepped down as Team Lead in 2016/17 term... 2015/16 was her 10th year as Team Leader for Eastside so this transition will be a challenge. 

In the past Heather has held the position as the Events Co-ordinator and has Chaired many events.  She worked at the Rouge Valley Health System Foundation - Ajax and Pickering hospital as the Special Events Co-ordinator.  She lives in Whitby with her husband and son. She loves to read, garden and sing.



Our Treasurer

Selena Novak

New to the management team, Selena is our Treasure for the first time but really for always!! Thanks for stepping in and balancing the books for us Selena!!

Membership Coordinator

Susie Trauzzi-Van Tienen

Susie is Membership Coordinator now for the second term this 2017-2018. Thank you for all your great ideas, enthusiasm and energy!! Susie has also held the Program position in May 2014 and 2015-2016... thank you for stepping in where ever needed... with energy! Way to go Susie! Wow! Susie is also the 2014 Harmony Award recipient. Congratulations!


Our Communications Coordinator


Myrna Hilliard

Myrna has been an Eastside Baritone for many years now, helping out in many ways. Thanks for stepping into the communications corner and keeping us all well informed!!


Events Coordinator

Pam Moore

Pam stepped into the Management team for the 2014-2015 term for her and she is now in her third term as Events Cooordinator. Keeping us hopping into performance after performance! Good job Pam. Thank you for all your work for Eastside... In this possition and as a dedicated baritone!

Recent Past Management Team Members...  

Past Secretary


Liz Aldred

Thank you for all your help as Secretary Liz... see you on the risers!


Past Events Coordinator


Marian Krauss - Thank you Marian for your dedicated work for Eastside... past, present, and future! AND... for steping back into Events Coordinator for the 2014 session.

Marian is a very hard working member of Eastside. She has been in Sweet Adeline's for 27 years and is looking forward to many more. She has a way of getting members of Eastside to help out by asking them to 'search your heart'!  Marian spent three years on the MT and she still helps out anyway she can.  Marian is the 2009 Harmony award recipiant.



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