Eastside Harmony Photo Album

2008 - 2009

Installation 2009

Doreen Congratulates Marian, 2009 Sweet Adeline of the Year

Doreen and Marian

Doreen, Heather, Marian, Rob and Carole

Bonnie, Joanne, Barb, Anne, Valerie, and Ann

Shirley, Lesley, and Ann

MaryAnn, Dru, Gerry, Nina and Monica

Karen, Phyllis, Liz, Andrea and Marj

Joanne(what's in your cup!) and Val

Monica, Mary and MaryAnn

Cindy, Mary and Monica

Andrea and Ramola

Heather, Susan, Doreen, Val, Marian, Cindy, Shirley and Rob  and Lesley

2009 Management team

No Longer Rookies; Bonnie and Phyllis   (2008-2009)

Bonnie and Phyllis in their rookie skit

Val and Andrea

New Director...Past Director

Spring Rain - Table setting with Macy's boots

Emotion of Sisters!! Whew!




2008 Dress Rehearsal

2008 Dress Rehearsal


Installation - 2008

Rob and Heather... Think mode.

Marian receives her 25th year pin from Andrea.


2007 SweetAd Valerie pins Doreen 2008 Sweet Adeline of the year.

Congratulations Doreen! 2008 Sweet Adeline of the Year!

We thank you for all you do for Eastside.


MaryAnn and Ann

Val gives Ann her 15th year pin.

Irene, Liz, MaryAnn, Susan, Mary, and Jen receive their 10th year Pin.

Carole and Heather

Barb, Anne and Valerie

Val and Andrea

Joanne, Kay and Jeannine  

Sue, Marj, Ramola, Monica and Karen. Welcome Karen!

Jen, Liz and MaryAnn

Sisters! Partners in crime.....harmony and Carole and Ann

Sexy Doreen. Whew! What a recent wedding will do to some people!

Nina and Gerry

Rob Goofin' around  

Shirley's disbelief in Carol's choice of eye wear.

Shirely and Carol with a better choice of eye wear.

MaryAnn, Ann, and Dru. .

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