Eastside Harmony Photo Album




Rob Directing at the Mass Sing in Syracuse April 2010



Retreat at Geneva Park, March 2010

Valerie put us through the moves!

Preparing to Sing by warming the body!


No mistaking where our rookie was to stand!!

All is good with Gaille's spot!


Yeah!! Eastside Fun!

Oh! For the love of Alfred!!


What's Up?

Good Grief!! Fun!





Erin In Think-mode!!

Yeah!~ Rob and Erin!!


Thank You Melanie for your creative abilities with the sign!!

And Bonnie, Phyllis and Gaille for your oganizing a special night!!


Who Is This Classy Woman!!

Statue of Marian

Wonder WoHeather!


Gerry in Style

Liz a Smilin'!

Bonnie Hooting it Up with Nina!


Laughin' the night away!


So many Classy ladies of Eastside!

Barb and Ann, class acts!


Loverly Dru

Cindy & Marj

Bari Beautiful Barb


Karen and Val

Heather, Val and Andrea


Silly Carole and Shirley

Smile Shirley!

Georgeous Marj


Hey Karen!




Special Kay

And Ann

Hey Val!


Susan and Mary

Val and Karen Goofin'!


Marvelous Ramola

Beautiful Monica


The Piano Man and Singer Marian

Singer Marian and...... Huh? Oh Ann

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