Eastside Harmony

Installation - 2010

Marian, 2009 Sweet Ad, Congratulates Val. 2010 Sweet Ad Harmony Award.



Doreen!! 30 Years! Congratulations!

Kay, Karen, Mary, Monica and Val... 10 years!!

Carol and Ann... 15 years!!

Yeah!! Gaille and Melanie 2009-2010 Rookies... Rookies no longer.

The tallest and the.... sweetest!

Marian and Liz

Anne, Doreen, & Marian

Thank You MaryAnn (and Carole) for organizing Installation... And Shirley for your dedication to Eastside! And Karen for all you do with music.

Doreen, Carole (Thank you for organizing with MaryAnn!!), and Marj!! Our cosutme extraordinaire.!!


Monica and Mary

Doreen, Heather, & Marian


Rob and Gaille

Our Rookies... Melanie and Gaille (actually, not a rookie at all)


Nina explains the intricacies of alteration

Gerry and Gaille... still working?


Valerie and Joanne

Jeannine and Gaille (sheesh Gaille... are you ever popular!)


Melanie and Anne... What beaudatious basses!!

Bonnie and Phyllis... our fab' photographer!! Thanks Phyllis!


Melanie... Battling Wallmart specials!

Jeannine and Ramola


Our 2009-10 Rookies perform for us!!

Yeah!! Gaille and Melanie

What a show!!

Lesley, classy lady

Shirley honoured for her years with Eastside and Sectretary on the MT

2010-2011 Management Team... Welcome Bonnie






Whole Lotta Lovin'


Andrea, Baritone Section leader and Valerie... Fitness Queen and Lead Section Leader


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