Eastside Harmony Photo Album

Eastside 2011

Syracuse 2011

Trudy, Barb & Valerie

Bonnie, Phyllis and Melanie

Lori, Phyllis, & Melanie


Newbies no longer, Sue, Susie, Trudy & Lori

The two Sue's! Susie and Susan... No longer rookies!



Ann, Doreen, Marian & Barb


Gerry and Marj

Liz, Phyllis, Mellanie, Sue, Heather

The Judges...

Polly Darton Monica!


High Rollers, Nina and Karen

Glamour Girl, Anne

High Roller Trudy

Whole Lotta Lovin'

Sue and Liz on the Ranch

Dru, Sue, Doreen, Healther, Andrea, Karen & Bonnie in Hawaii

Bonnie and Karen... Hawaii Hooray!

Gaille, LouAnne & Marj.. Wow!


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