Eastside Harmony

Installation - 2011

Val Dunham, 2010 Harmony Award Recipient passes on to Ramola Vanderhyden, 2011 Harmony Award Recipient! Congratulations Ramola!

Rob, our Director and Gaille (Mom)!!





Anne, Val and Heather

Barb receives her award

Ann and Susie

Gerry and Anne


Heather and Kookie Melanie!! We love you!

Marj, Nina, Val, Andrea, & Karen

Val, Andrea, Cindy & Karen

MaryAnn letting her hair down!!


Welcome Laurie and Myrna!! Myrna!! Our best for your new addition, Michelle!

Ann, Phyl, Lori, Myrna, Barb and Ramola's back

Monica and Bonnie

Susie... Always working for the chorus!! Many Thanks!

Karen, Liz, Trudy, LouAnn, Joanne, Dru



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