Eastside 2014 Installation


Ann and Barb... Installing Officers


Heather being installed.


Debbie installed as Treasurer by Ann

Debbie and Heather installed for 2014-2015

Jane installed for 2nd year as Membership

Susan is installed to Events

Susan and Jane looking very Sweet Adeline-ish!... Beautiful!

Ann reads Pam's role for the coming year.

Pam and Susan thinking of the year to come.

Susie instaled to Program Coordinator by Ann

Anne's role for the 2014/2015 year.... looks serious.

Anne and Susie in the line up!

Rob accepts his role for another year!

The 2014-2015 Newly Installed Management Team! Yah Ladies... and Rob.

Heather and Rob... Whats so funny??

Barb, 2013 recipiant, hands over the Harmony Award 2014 to Susie.


Thank you Lori, for a job well done.

Thank you Nina, for all you have done... and do.

Thank you again Marian for stepping in at a moments notice!

SusieT, Up in front again!! So many thanks go to Susie!!

Ann F with Ann and Barb the installing Officers

Cindy, Karen, Andrea, Jane and AnnaMaria

Heather and Liz, two beautiful tenors!

Jane presenting members longevity pins...

Jane, AnnaMaria and Lori
Jane, Karen, MaryAnn, Andrea and AnnaMaria
Susie presents Liz with a choreo award! Congrats Liz!
Marian and Ann, good to see you Ann!
Marian, Ann, Dru, Ann and Barb... beautiful smiles
Marjie, Pam and Susie.. Beautiful Smiles, too!!
Myrna, Anne, Susie, Valerie and Marj, such beauties
Myrna, Heather and Anne... all smiles!

Our newbie! Pam Harding, Gerry and Nina


Rob, Debbie and Jeannique


Anticipation!!! Who will it be????


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